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blogs / 21 DEC 2021

Exploring DE&I within Policy: Cultural Coaching and Language Training

Karen Menendez

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DE&I & Global Mobility: Considerations for Developing a Robust Program

In addition to the recommendations made throughout our “DE&I & Global Mobility: Considerations for Developing a Robust Program” white paper, we would like to further elaborate on cultural coaching and language training.

We recently detailed a number of considerations that must be made by organizations as they endeavor to align diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) best practices within their global mobility policy and organizational goals.

These are two critical elements which equip talent to navigate the cultural and linguistic diversity they encounter on an international assignment and are integral to supporting inclusion for both the relocating employees and their accompanying family.

Cultural coaching provides employees and their families with insights about the destination location—its people and their cultural values—as well as how to be more self-aware—illuminating one’s own unconscious biases—all while learning strategies to adapt to the workplace and beyond. Coaching provides the tools employees need to recognize differences and learn new approaches. It is important to understand how to develop relationships, build trust, and demonstrate respect within the new host country culture. All of these skills enable success on assignment and foster a more inclusive work environment for all.

Language training is another non-negotiable for companies that seek to fully support their relocating employees—whether moving temporarily or permanently—in order to equip them with the ability to communicate effectively. Although many organizations may use English primarily in business functions, not being able to communicate in the local language can leave transferees feeling shut out of the organization, which can negatively impact job performance and their ability to connect with locals. Furthermore, for transferees who speak English as an acquired language, communication coaching can provide an opportunity for an organization to create equity, ensuring every voice is heard and understood in a very fundamental way.

If you would like more information on how Cartus can support your mobility program to align with DE&I principles, or more information on language or cultural coaching, please contact your Cartus representative.

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Karen Menendez

With more than 15 years of experience leading the Intercultural and Language Solutions team at Cartus, Karen Menendez helps clients implement solutions that support their global talent development strategies in the areas of intercultural competence, language skills, and global diversity & inclusion initiatives.