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blogs / 17 MAY 2022

Exploring the Unprecedented 2021 Real Estate Market and Its Effect on Your Mobility Program

Cindy Madden

real estate market 2021
Exploring the Unprecedented 2021 Real Estate Market and Its Effect on Your Mobility Program

For a full view of the current state of the real estate market and its potential impact on your mobility program, read the complete white paper and feel free to reach out at

The real estate market of 2020-2021 has been nothing short of unprecedented in many ways. Understanding why is critical.

In our newest white paper, we explore the issues and implications around:

  • Record-low interest rates

  • A historically active market

  • Soaring home values

  • Home sale benefits

  • Home purchase benefits

  • Appraised values

  • Loss on sale

Taking the current and anticipated state of the real estate market into consideration, mobility managers may choose to make relocation policy updates now to decrease liability in the future.

How should global mobility owners anticipate the impact of real estate today on home sale benefits? This is one of the many questions we explore in addition to the following factors:

  • Assistance for transferees through both home sale and home purchase processes

  • Support by a relocation consultant and an experienced relocation-trained real estate agent at departure

  • Pre-qualification in order to make an assertive offer at the destination

  • Best practices for loss on sale

  • Whether to offer extended temporary living, storage of household goods, and/or additional house hunting trips for the employee and family

  • Inspections and new home construction regulations and delays

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Cindy Madden

Cindy Madden is Director of the Cartus Consulting Solutions practice, which supports clients and prospects in the areas of Global Policy and Program Design, Group Moves, Destination Location Research, and the development of customized mobility websites. Cindy has more than 25 years’ experience in the relocation industry in a variety of roles, including account management and sales.