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blogs / 20 APR 2022

The Future of Mobility is Here, and It's Flexible

Tracey Rennie

future of mobility

More than 70% of organizations are now using flexible mobility policies as part of their relocation programs. -Proprietary industry research Cartus produced in conjunction with Worldwide ERC.

Flexible solutions continue to grab attention in the field of talent mobility as a way to meet several business objectives simultaneously: greater cost efficiency, improved user experience, and attracting and retaining diverse talent. That’s why Cartus recently re-confirmed our strategic focus on this policy-type. We are committed to designing and delivering flexible mobility programmes to support our clients and their relocating employees, by using a rigorous three-pronged approach:

  1. Industry-exclusive benchmarking and thought leadership

  2. World-class mobility experts

  3. Cutting-edge technology solutions

Industry-exclusive Thought Leadership

We know that beginning your flexible mobility journey can be daunting. Where do you start? Do you have time to implement such a policy? What type of flexible solution is right for your business? To help organizations considering a policy re-design, Cartus’ Flexible Mobility white paper series provides real-life case studies and an in-depth blueprint for policy re-design:

The Future of Mobility Secondary Image

Meet Our Experts

To demonstrate our commitment to providing organizations with the support and insights they need for a successful flexible policy transformation, Cartus created “Team Flex,” a collaborative initiative of in-house experts dedicated to the policy-type. I’m proud to lead this group, which meets regularly to discuss current trends and challenges, including innovative ways to support our clients and their relocating families.

As a relocation services provider, Cartus is here to empower companies to meet their business needs while providing tailored care for their employees, and that’s exactly what a flexible mobility approach offers.

Cutting-edge Technology Solutions

Cartus’ pioneering core/flex product, Benefits Builder, allows companies to create their own flexible mobility program around a core benefit structure while engaging employees to choose the options that work best for them and their families.

For more information on the potential of flexible mobility within your relocation program, contact your Cartus representative or email Alternatively, take our quick 5-question quiz to receive tailored guidance to suit your mobility needs.

Headshot of Blog Author Tracey Rennie

Tracey Rennie

Tracey Rennie, Vice President, Global Talent Mobility, joined Cartus in 2002, beginning her career in our Swindon, UK office and currently based in Calgary, Canada. She has provided industry leadership and trusted guidance to many key Cartus clients over the years and also played a pivotal role in Cartus’ Brazil office start-up, overseeing it’s ongoing operations today.

Tracey has a strong track record of building high-caliber cohesive global teams and is committed to creating value for her clients. She builds successful client partnerships based on a deep understanding of their strategic objectives and commits to a high degree of flexibility and innovation as well as delivering on fundamentals, creating an outstanding user experience for your relocating employees.