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blogs / 06 OCT 2021

Help your Relocating Employees Prepare for a Home Sale for a Smooth Transition

Racheal Foo

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Relocating home owners who are preparing to list their house for sale need to keep in mind that, as the physical relocation is approaching, their to-do list will start to pile up and your employee might feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help your relocating employees effectively prepare their home for sale for a smooth and fuss-free transition.

Decluttering the House

A very useful way for homeowners to get started is by holding a yard sale—after deciding what to sell, what to keep, what to store, what to toss, and what to give away. Sellers can also post to online platforms like the Facebook Marketplace or Carousel to sell their pre-loved items. Another great tip is to have a supply of your realtor’s business cards to give away to any customers who inquire, “Are you moving?”

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Perking Up Your Surroundings 

After the homeowner has cleared the place out, a logical next step is to look for quick and easy ways to refresh the home’s “look”—which is also known as “staging.” The LifeStorageBlog offers 16 simple but impactful ideas for inexpensive ways to do just that. From updating bed linens to changing out the art on the walls, these suggestions make sense, are cost-efficient, and will serve to perk up the surroundings—always a good thing, even if you aren’t planning to move!

Air Conditioning Upkeep 

A home sale tip for sellers who have a central air conditioning system is to get it checked out before the house is shown. It is recommenced to do quarterly cleaning and maintenance to keep an A.C. system running at optimal levels throughout a long, hot summer or for those located in the tropics. Some of the simpler tasks can be handled by homeowners themselves; others require a call to a professional technician. One thing is certain: on hot summer days, a properly functioning central air conditioning system is a tremendous selling point!

Virtual Tour of the Home

After decluttering and refreshing the house, it is time to showcase it. Why not take a 360 tour of the house, which can be done by the real estate agent. The video will help to give potential buyers a preview of the house before the actual visit. With rapidly changing social distancing rules, this video will also help you sell faster as interested buyers can still view the house during local lockdown restrictions.

From decluttering to staging your home, there are many ways to prepare for a house sale. In addition to the recommendations above, there may be additional requirements based on your location. To keep stress at bay, be sure to prepare a timeline of action items as your move date approaches.

For more tips on relocation and home sale, please contact us at—and stay tuned for the second part to this blog, outlining how to increase your property's curb appeal ahead of selling in the fall season.

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Racheal Foo

Racheal is the Marketing Communications & Events Manager for APAC. She has more than 15 years of Marketing experience in various service and consumer goods industries. Her current responsibilities include Digital and Content Marketing, and providing support to the APAC offices to deepen client engagement and drive sales prospects.