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PODCAST / 11 OCT 2022

Mobility Matters, Episode 7: "How to Approach RFPs and Tenders"

The latest episode of Mobility Matters, “How to Approach RFPs and Tenders” is available now on all leading podcast streaming platforms. During the episode, I speak to Cartus’ Karen Marlborough, Director, Strategic Business Solutions, and Ava Norris, Director, Strategic Business Solutions, about how to build a successful tender process.

During the session, our experts explore real-life case studies of well-managed RFPs, the questions that organizations should definitely try to include in questionnaires, and the current trends in the types of topics being covered in tenders today.

Headshot of Blog Author Louise Koncowski

Louise Koncowski

Based in our Swindon office, Louise has been a member of the global marketing team for over 10 years, working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver key messages. She has experience in marketing, communications, and content development, focusing primarily on the EMEA and APAC regions.