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blogs / 20 JUN 2022

Improving Customer Experience through Destination Services Technology

Fiona Redford

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In response to the ongoing pandemic and its continuing impact on global mobility, Cartus’ destination service providers (DSPs) used this period as an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of new technology to enhance the assignee experience.

Examples of new technology being adopted by our DSPs include the rollout of easily accessible mobile applications, as well as the implementation of integrated back-end case management systems that consolidate and streamline the capture of communication and relocation data.

A snapshot of the new features

  • Instant access to centralized destination information, customized to the assignee’s preference and profile

  • Easy profile editing via the application

  • Collaborative, ongoing communication via chat and messenger

  • Property overviews based on assignee preference and budget, including interactive videos, pictures, and the ability to rate properties

  • Interactive maps which can plot the assignee’s office, housing, school, and points of interest

  • Detailed how-to guides to allow for a smoother settling-in process

  • Secure exchange of documents between the assignee and the destination consultant

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Destination information at your fingertips

While technology can never replace the human element of supporting the assignee and family during relocation, it has certainly proven to be a critical component in improving the assignee experience.

With these new and improved applications across our DSP network, assignees immediately have access to local information that is personalized to the assignee’s needs and profile. Information is available on-demand to assist with home finding and settling-in, providing much-needed support during this critical period. One of the key features of the technology is the ability to allow the assignee to conduct a virtual tour and pre-screen property choices and neighborhoods prior to arrival, which streamlines the program delivery and results in increased efficiency. This is even more critical given the current housing market challenges in various locations around the world.

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Many of the applications also have an interactive interface that allows the assignee and family to communicate directly via chat and video functions with the destination consultant.

The customized interfaces, ease of use, and accessibility of the new applications combined with the personalized touch of their assigned destination consultant have resulted in an enhanced assignee experience and 93% relocating employee satisfaction.

Security & Compliance

When developing this technology, all our suppliers focused on securing personally identifiable information (PII) and compliance, and incorporated the features below:

  • ISO 27001 & SSAE 16 certified data centers

  • GDPR compliant

  • Data encryption in transfer and at rest

  • Industry standard 256-bit data encryption & protection

  • 2-Factor authentication and secure token authorization included

Don’t just take our word for it…

“This is a great feature! It reduces touchpoints, eliminates repetitious questioning, safeguards PII, and permits the [assignee] to quickly clarify their needs - making the experience safe, automated, and streamlined.” – Cartus Client

“We wanted to thank you for the amazing content you provided in your portal! Now we feel much more confident to start our life here and with so many tips from your side – I am sure we will enjoy our stay here a lot!” – Relocating Employee

“Great that I could access the content offline and that it was tailored throughout the program to meet my needs. I particularly loved the reminders and welcome messages. Much better than a website and easily accessible from a mobile device. So easy to look up things when on the move.” – Relocating Employee

To learn more about how our DSPs' new digital environments can help to support your relocating employees, please email

Picture of Fiona Redford

Fiona Redford

Fiona manages our destination service providers (DSP) in the EMEA and APAC regions. She has been with Cartus since 2006, joining the team in Singapore and held a variety of roles including managing our in-house DSP team in APAC.