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blogs / 30 JUN 2021

Independence Day: Celebrating within the Cartus Community

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independence day celebration

At Cartus, we encourage a community of sharing and learning from each and every community member. When holidays come around, it is a joyful time to celebrate and share our unique family traditions with the greater Cartus community. That’s why, when we asked colleagues to contribute to our Independence Day story, our team was thrilled to take part.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Independence Day and learning more about how Cartus team members mark this important day in American history. From what this day means to us individually to how we enjoy the holiday with friends and family, the snippets in our latest blog post offer a glimpse at the diversity of thought and experience that makes up our global community.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our holiday traditions and meaning.

If you’re celebrating Independence Day, we wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend!

“As a person who became a naturalized U.S. citizen a few years ago, I can say that I admire this country for standing up for freedom. That is what July 4th means to me. As I studied the Declaration of Independence to "pass" the U.S. citizenship test, I learned so much about how beautiful the foundation of the United States of America is—and I sure hope this country, that I now call my own, will never lose sight of what the Founding Fathers stood for and that the people of the United States will always stand for freedom. Let these words be truthful at all times for all people: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’”

 - Nell Simon, Senior Analyst, International Assignment Compensation

“My favorite song to listen to on July 4th is ‘Ragged Old Flag,’ written and performed by Johnny Cash.”

- Kristin Boneski, Administrative Support, Client Services

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“As an immigrant to the U.S. coming from a country that has been erased from the world map for about 200 years, to me, Independence Day is a celebration of survival and the unbreakable human spirit. It means having the liberty to speak your mother tongue, to be able to read books or watch movies in your native language, to play the music of your national composers, to practice the religion of your choice, to fly your national flag high, to vote. To have children attend local public schools and learn about their history. To be able to google search and have a passport. Independence means freedom and prosperity.

Independence is not given—it is earned. It is the realization that one day you might have to give your life in order to protect it, as so many have done before you. It is the love for your country, the people around you, your values and beliefs. It is the ability to share your thoughts without the fear of persecution. It is the freedom that allows you to be who you truly are and to create your own footprint without the control or influence of others. Independence is privilege and a responsibility.”

- Joanna Kotlov, Client Services Manager

“My Independence Day traditions have morphed over the years. I remember fondly the getaways with my family and finding fireworks to watch in all different towns and cities across the northeastern part of the United States.

Today, the tradition is more centered around baseball. The baseball state tournament is scheduled over the holiday weekend, and, for the past several years, we spend the time on the ballfield with friends and family watching our children participate in a game they love. Baseball is dubbed America’s pastime, so it feels fitting to associate the holiday celebrating America with the game.”

- Jesse Marshall, Vice President, Client Services

“Independence Day marks the declaration of independence of the United States. Some people call it America’s birthday. This day also marks the birth of my daughter, Savannah. Every July 4th, we celebrate her birth, and I think of the love that was in the room that day in 2007, the power of childbirth, and the magnificent fireworks display that welcomed and celebrated this new life. To this day, the fourth is the most patriotic holiday celebrated as a symbol of national pride and freedom—a day with extra special meaning for the Palomba family and our patriot, Savannah.”

- Krista Palomba, Account Analyst

“Having moved to the States at a young age, I grew up between two cultures, two societies, two perspectives of what it meant to be American. Never quite fitting into the ‘All-American’ bucket my classmates seemed to settle into so naturally, I still enjoyed playing the part in the lead up to summer and Independence Day. Head to toe in red, white, and blue. Firecracker popsicle in hand. Hungry for July 4th barbecues and fireworks and all of the traditions that marked the special day every year. I knew then what it was to play the part, to represent something I had yet to fully understand.

Today, Independence Day is a celebration of what it means to be American. For many, like me, who are the first generation to grow up between cultures—partially but never fully American—it is a day of appreciation for having the privilege to live in a country that is open to opportunities and growth. Becoming American has blessed me with the opportunities of education, of freedom, and of striving toward my personal and professional dreams. Even through challenging times, I am proud to be a member of and contribute to a society marked by resilience and determination. I’m grateful to all who have made sacrifices—and continue to do so—to make this country what it is today.”

- Nadia Sobehart, Marketing and Communications Manager

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