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PODCAST / 16 AUG 2022

Mobility Matters, Episode 3: “The Future of Mobility is Here, and it’s Flexible!”

In this episode of Mobility Matters, “The Future of Mobility is Here, and it’s Flexible!”, I am joined by two seasoned mobility experts: Amy Spiker, Global Talent Mobility Leader, Eaton, and Tracey Rennie, VP Global Talent Mobility, Cartus. Both Amy and Tracey are true advocates for this type of policy and how it can enhance an assignee’s relocation experience.

The episode focuses on flexible mobility solutions including the reasons why one might introduce such a policy, the benefits of doing so, and key learnings and best practices to follow.

Following are a couple of excerpts from the podcast:

In reference to key steps to take when considering a policy redesign:

“Understanding the spend information for your current policies so that when you redesign for a flexible approach, you have a good estimate of what your costs are going to be. Your mobility partner (in my case, Cartus) can help with that so definitely partner with them, don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself. Also, if you have a lot of exceptions in your policy, understanding that information is also key because you can consider how you would address [those exceptions] for a flex approach.”

- Amy Spiker, Global Talent Mobility Leader, Eaton

“The concept of flexibility isn’t new, but we’re seeing it being taken to a whole new level with employee choice-led programs that really empower transferees to select the benefits that matter most to them. Prior to [this], flexibility was often (and still is in many cases) driven by business units, making choices that were often budget-driven. For example, policy tiering with different levels of support, provided to employees based on seniority or family size, does provide some benefit flexibility but this approach is based on some assumptions being made on behalf of employees, so may not look or feel like flexibility to the transferee as they consider what their own unique needs are.”

- Tracey Rennie, VP, Global Talent Mobility, Cartus

Wherever you are in your flexible mobility journey, this podcast episode will provide you with key takeaways as you continue to develop your relocation programme.

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