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blogs / 16 FEB 2023

new look, new focus, new cartus

Eric Barnes

In my 24 years working at Cartus, Anywhere, and our various predecessor companies, I have seen a number of corporate identities come and go. I don’t think I’ve ever been as energized by the promise they implied as I am today with the unveiling of our new Cartus brand identity.

For nearly seven decades, we have guided the corporate relocation and global talent mobility industry through periods both calm and tumultuous, predictable and unprecedented. Through it all, we have had the pleasure to learn from and grow alongside our clients. As their needs evolved, so did the solutions and services we offered to help them and their relocating employees and families live better, work smarter, and contribute more.

Eric Barnes | Interim President and CEO | Cartus

“Our goal is to make partnering with Cartus feel like an extension of your own organization, one that reflects your distinct company culture in every interaction we have with you and your employees. With our brand refresh and new website, I am confident we now convey that impression at every step of the relocation journey—from the moment you enter our digital front door, to the day you celebrate your first anniversary as a client, to the year you join our many other partners in the 10-year, 20-year, 30-year, or even 40-year Cartus client club.”

One thing that was a bit slower to evolve, however, was the way we presented ourselves and our thought leadership in the market, that unique combination of brand messaging and visual identity—or, if you will, words and pictures—demonstrating our company pillars, strengths, and opportunities. It’s undeniable that Cartus today is not the same Cartus from 10 years ago, or five years ago, or even two years ago. After partnering with our clients and internal teams to develop new and better ways to serve the mobility professionals and relocating employees who rely on us every day, we are excited to share the reimagined essence of who we are and what we represent. This includes continuing to lean into and live up to our new mantra, Where Mobility Meets Agility. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to hear client feedback week after week thanking our Cartus teams for their creativity, compassion, and, yes, agility, in helping them and their employees navigate the most challenging mobility environment in a generation, whether that’s the pandemic, war zones, natural disasters, changing workforce trends, or anything in between.

One of the most visible aspects of our brand refresh is our stunning new public website, which underwent a foundational overhaul from the hosting platform and content management system behind the scenes to the front-end design, content, and user experience. With an emphasis on accessibility and engagement, the new offers clients, prospects, suppliers, and relocating employees quicker and more convenient access than ever to actionable thought leadership with the click of a button. From industry-exclusive research that takes a quantitative look at the latest mobility trends and hot buttons to compelling blogs and podcasts featuring experts from across the industry, truly has something for everyone.

At the end of the day, talent mobility is crucial to an organization’s overall growth and success, and Cartus is here to provide your employees with experiences that will help them grow into your corporate leaders of tomorrow.

I guess what I’m trying to say is … welcome to Cartus! We can’t wait for you to get to know us all over again.


Check out our press release for more information on the Cartus brand refresh.

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Eric Barnes

Interim President and CEO

about the author

Eric serves as interim President and CEO for Cartus—the corporate relocation and global talent mobility arm of Anywhere—where he is focused on executing and expanding the winning market-growth strategy he helped establish alongside his predecessor over the previous four years. Eric joined Cartus in 1999 and has held the role of Chief Financial Officer since 2001. For the past five years, he has also served as SVP, Supply Chain Management.