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blogs / 06 DEC 2021

Now Presenting Cartus Insignia: Behind the Scenes of Our Brand Refresh

Marilynn Giglio-Knapp

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Several decades ago, Cartus created a specialized segment to better serve companies with new, mid-size, or growing mobility programs. Over the years, this dedicated team has carefully addressed the unique needs of its clients in order to guide their employees through the intricacies of domestic and international relocation.

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Now, we are excited to welcome a new chapter for this segment, which has undergone a brand refresh to become Cartus InsigniaSM. The refresh is the results of over a year of committee meetings and deep brainstorming sessions to evaluate what the Cartus Insignia segment means not only to our clients and customers but to our internal team. We wanted to hone in on the core values of this dedicated group and fine-tune our dedication to a portfolio of clients with very unique needs and what drives mutual success.

While our dedication to providing clients with excellent service and trusted guidance remains the same, we are thrilled to introduce a rebrand which includes our clients input and feedback that better reflects the value of our support focused on attention to care, flexibility, and robust resources available to clients. Our goal is to remind our Cartus Insignia clients of all that this dedicated group has to offer them—industry talent focused on relationships, expertise, and depth of global resources—and to welcome prospects to a segment uniquely theirs to suit their particular needs.

Backed with broad expertise and ample resources, our Cartus Insignia team looks forward to working with our cherished clients now and into the future.

For more information on Cartus Insignia, be sure to download our brochure and learn more at

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Marilynn Giglio-Knapp

Marilynn has been with Cartus for 25 years and has had several key positions in both Operations and Account Management. Her experience includes the implementation and management of a diverse portfolio of organizations. She is currently responsible for Account Management, Implementation, and Consulting Solutions.