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blogs / 16 NOV 2021

Remote Work: Embracing Challenges and Opportunities

Anna Searle

remote work opportunities

We have seen the world changed and witnessed unprecedented transformation in the way we work in the past 18 months. The global mobility industry was challenged in more than one way and Cartus has pivoted to find new ways to serve and engage our clients, overcoming a multitude of obstacles in getting our assignees across borders, and ensuring the safety and well-being of both the employees and their families.

Here is a dialogue with Jo-Lynn Wee, our experienced Global Talent Mobility Director of 17 years, on our on-going partnership with a Fortune 500 technology multinational firm; embracing remote work challenges and turning them into opportunities.

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What were some of the concerns that the client had during the pandemic?

The client’s greatest concerns were on the service delivery to their relocating employees and Cartus’ (and our partners’) capability to support and deliver while Cartus employees worked primarily from home. Additionally, the client has made changes to their programme and processes due to the pandemic, and they needed the reassurance that Cartus was able to partner and execute these new policies in tandem.

What kind of support did Cartus provide to overcome these challenges?

We understand that communication and trust is key, thus we set-up an internal dedicated project team to manage the new protocol where we sent curated reports on a weekly basis, together with COVID-19 related information to the client’s large team of stakeholders. Additionally, we created a capacity planning document for Cartus employees and our supplier partners. If locations were impacted, we provided data on assignees based in those areas, along with recommendations and solutions. This project team is led by one of our experienced Global Talent Mobility Managers, who works closely with everyone involved in the relocation process. The manager ensures that all information is accurately updated globally, delivering an optimal level of customer experience during the pandemic.

As part of the pandemic readiness planning, we created a Relocation Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure business operations are not disrupted during a crisis. Key stakeholders and resources were identified, including decision makers, Cartus consultants and suppliers designated by geographical locations and business functions. This ensures business processes are quickly restored in the event of a service or business interruption and that no data is lost. Cartus also continued to support the clients and their employees in the event of a crisis.

What was the objective of the Relocation BCP document and what challenges did it overcome?

The key objective was to showcase Cartus’ crisis preparedness globally and how we have the necessary technology set-up to enable us to work remotely and minimise impact to our service delivery to the client.

The BCP was very well received by the client and its stakeholders as it contains the right level of detail. The client subsequently requested for other suppliers to use the similar formatting and this BCP document has since been adopted by more than 300 of their suppliers worldwide.

What was the client’s key takeaway from this collaboration?

We were able to demonstrate how our technology like Benefits Builder, CartusOnline, and our dedicated team were able to support service delivery remotely with no impact on customer experience. Our client was so impressed by the results that they conducted their own “work from home” trial globally and subsequently implemented a permanent “work from home” arrangement for their employees, which continues to be successful today.

“Cartus continues to be a critical partner to us and our assignees. The Account Management team are flexible and work closely with us to provide innovative solutions, and the whole team on the account are engaged and focused on delivering an exceptional experience. The team has coped and adapted well to COVID-19, being sensitive to individual circumstances, helping set expectations and updating our program benefits. Thanks to everyone supporting us!”– Client’s Testimonial

This is one of many examples of our successful collaboration with our clients where we lead by example, demonstrating our industry-leading thought leadership. As remote work and distributed workforces continue to disrupt the global mobility landscape, our agile approach continues to help meet clients’ new needs, turning challenges into opportunities. The Cartus team continues to be at the forefront of global mobility, with our deep-seated knowledge and on-the-ground expertise, co-creating and re-inventing our clients’ mobility programmes, achieving higher service results whatever our work arrangement may be.

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Anna Searle

Anna Searle is one of our EMEA-based Client Services Directors. She specialises in policy and program design, and delivering innovation solutions to the clients she works with.