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PODCAST / 30 AUG 2022

Mobility Matters, Episode 4: "Spotlight on China Hong Kong: Destination Services and Household Goods Shipment"

Global supply chain volume and household goods shipments has increased globally with borders opening and travel resuming in most of part of the world. While China Hong Kong is still pursuing a zero-Covid strategy, the demand for entering (or leaving) Hong Kong is rising due to pend-up demand and the traditional relocating peak season. In today’s episode of Mobility Matters, we turn the spotlight on Hong Kong, looking at assignees’ experience when relocating into and out of the city and some of the challenges.

Join subject matter experts—Sanny Linawati, Global Director, Cartus Destination Services, and Rob Chipman, CEO, Asian Tigers Hong Kong—our household goods partner, where they share insights and tips on relocating into and out of Hong Kong.

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Racheal Foo

Racheal is the Marketing Communications & Events Manager for APAC. She has more than 15 years of Marketing experience in various service and consumer goods industries. Her current responsibilities include Digital and Content Marketing, and providing support to the APAC offices to deepen client engagement and drive sales prospects.