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PODCAST / 12 DEC 2022

Mobility Matters, Episode 8: “Take a Deep Dive into the 2022 Cartus DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey Report”

In this episode, our Season One finale of Mobility Matters, we join Cartus' Lisa Johnson, Cindy Madden, and Karen Menendez to discuss findings from the Cartus’ 2022 DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey Report.

From supporting employee inclusion and belonging to highlighting the importance of “pivotal roles and moments,” Cartus’ 2022 DE&I and Global Mobility Pulse Survey Report summarizes the current state of DE&I within Global Mobility, and this latest podcast episode provides insights and best practices to further align your company’s DE&I priorities with wider organizational goals.

Headshot of Blog Author Louise Koncowski

Louise Koncowski

Based in our Swindon office, Louise has been a member of the global marketing team for over 10 years, working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver key messages. She has experience in marketing, communications, and content development, focusing primarily on the EMEA and APAC regions.