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blogs / 01 FEB 2021

Top 3 Blogs of 2020: EMEA Edition

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As an HR and relocation professional, are you struggling to find the time to learn more about mobility "hot topics"? Let us do the work for you by subscribing to the Cartus Blog. That way, you can focus on your day-to-day role, safe in the knowledge that information around the very latest industry trends will be delivered straight to your inbox. To give you a flavor of the kinds of posts we share, here are our favorite (and most informative) EMEA-related posts of 2020:

Surviving and Thriving in a Remote Work Environment

Remote working is a growing trend across a number of industries. Setting aside business continuity and mitigation measures in the face of unplanned disruptors like extreme weather or the current global COVID-19 outbreak, remote work is also a growing necessity for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Whether you’re working from home permanently or for the short-term, this blog is packed with great "top tips" to increase productivity and preserve your sanity!

Agile Recruitment: Building a Successful Global Talent Acquisition Strategy 

For many organizations, international recruitment is a key component of their global workforce development strategy. Bringing in fresh talent from an international pool can help create and enrich an employee population with global skills, experience, and knowledge. The paper looks at how to measure and achieve a return on investment, whether you’re managing it in-house or outsourcing.

Challenging Locations: Saudi Arabia 

The largest Arab state in Western Asia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a frequented destination for international assignees, with many relocating to Riyadh and Jeddah. Rich in historical and cultural heritage, the country is a fascinating destination but does pose challenges for relocating families. Here, our blog explores a number of relocation hurdles and the best ways to approach them including housing, security, cost of living, cultural issues, and transportation.  


What topics would you like to read about in the coming months? Let us know!

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