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blogs / 09 MAR 2022

Welcoming Lisa Johnson as Director, Global DE&I Solutions!

Michelle Vallejo

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Meet Lisa Johnson

Cartus proudly welcomes Lisa Johnson to the newly developed role of Director, Global DE&I Solutions.

As Director, Global DE&I Solutions, Lisa will represent Cartus in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) space as a thought leader and solution facilitator for clients looking to address Global DE&I in their workforce solutions.

As companies search for guidance in order to shape meaningful and impactful DE&I principles and directives within their organization, Lisa—with significant DE&I expertise and capability—will help guide client solutions into the future.

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Lisa comes to this original role as an industry leader in aligning DE&I with mobility priorities. Among her many achievements—including leading some of the industry’s earliest research initiatives on the topic—Lisa was named one of the Global Mobility Top 100 Professionals in 2021 and was recently named the 2022 Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee for Worldwide ERC®´s Mobility Diversity Initiative and sits on their Editorial Taskforce. She also holds both Worldwide ERC®’s Meritorious and Distinguished Service Awards and is an active member of SHRM.

“It is exciting to see companies increasingly recognize DE&I as a critical factor to their success at every level, including mobility. Cartus has made a strong commitment to lead the talent mobility industry forward in the DE&I mobility space and drive ground-breaking, innovative solutions. As someone who has made DE&I values and progress central to my work for the last decade, I am proud and delighted to take on this new role.”

—Lisa Johnson, Director, DE&I Global Solutions

Explore DE&I Initiatives at Cartus

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been guiding principles for Cartus throughout the years. Behind every successful relocation program, a strong focus on DE&I helps organizations better support relocating employees and their families. From an initial move to ongoing intercultural and language support, there are many facets of global talent mobility that rely on a thorough understanding of DE&I—not only to relocate employees but to provide a solid foundation for their continued growth within the company.

At Cartus, we are constantly looking for new ways to grow within this space. In 2021, we released the results of our 2021 DE&I Pulse Survey, which explored the role of DE&I at a strategic and tactical level across more than 50 organizations across the world. From best practices on supporting employee inclusion to practical tips for incorporating DE&I principles into policy review, the survey results white paper highlights invaluable insights in the DE&I space.

Later, we expanded our pulse survey to EMEA and APAC, garnering results from participants at the 2021 Expat Academy annual conference in London and at a mobility event in Shanghai, respectively. The two regional pulse surveys reiterated our original global findings that, despite the ever-growing influence of DE&I within organizations, many global mobility teams are not yet at the forefront of necessary change.

Moving forward, we are excited to support Lisa as she strengthens our internal growth and helps lead organizations to further develop their DE&I goals.

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DE&I Blogs

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Michelle Vallejo

Michelle Vallejo, Executive SVP, Global Talent Mobility, is based in Texas and is part of Cartus’ Executive Leadership Team. Michelle leads global Account Management and Operations teams, as well as Intercultural and Language Solutions and Consulting Solutions teams, with a focus on building relationships and understanding and delivering on the global mobility needs of Cartus’ client portfolio. 

Michelle currently leads the Cartus DE&I Client Council and serves on the Cartus Executive Committee, Cartus DE&I Steering Committee, and the Realogy DE&I Advisory Board. She is also an active participant in the Realogy Women’s ERG and What Moves HerSM, and has held several Worldwide ERC® positions, including member of the Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Planning Committee, U.S. Advisory Council, and the Mobility Advisory Committee.