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PODCAST / 01 AUG 2022

Ep. 1: "Introducing DE&I at Cartus with Lisa Johnson"

From recruiting and retaining talent to building policies that are inclusive, there are many aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) that organizations need to consider in today's competitive work environment.

In this episode of Mobility Matters, we join Cartus' Lisa Johnson, Director, Global DE&I Solutions, Cartus, to discuss the role of DE&I within organizations and how global mobility and DE&I are closely intertwined. We also explore what organizations can do to align their DE&I mobility initiatives with wider organizational goals.

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our guests

Lisa Johnson

Lisa represents Cartus in DE&I space as a thought leader and solution facilitator for clients looking to address Global DE&I in their mobility solutions.

Among her many achievements—including leading some of the industry’s earliest research initiatives on the topic—Lisa was named one of the Global Mobility Top 100 Professionals in 2021 and was recently named the 2022 Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee for Worldwide ERC®’s Upward Mobility internship Initiative focused on increasing diversity in our industry and she sits on their Editorial Taskforce. She also holds both Worldwide ERC®’s Meritorious and Distinguished Service Awards and is an active member of SHRM.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

our host

Nadia Sobehart

Nadia Sobehart joined Cartus in 2020 as the Marketing and Communications Manager overlooking the Americas division. From product launches to ongoing internal support, Nadia's word craft and creative insights can be found sprinkled throughout Cartus. New to global mobility from the healthcare and travel industries, Nadia continues her immersion into the world of relocation and all of its intricacies in order to support Cartus' brand and strategic initiatives moving forward.

Nadia Sobehart

Nadia Sobehart



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