International Assignment Compensation Services

For over 17 years, Cartus has provided International Assignment Compensation Services, offering an innovative, technology-driven solution, with programs tailored to each client's needs and budget.

The benefits of a fully integrated program

Our International Assignment Compensation Services covers three major aspects of an international assignment:

1. Administrative functions. We manage the required elements of an international assignment, e.g., creation of cost projections, letters of assignment, compensation balance sheets and coordination of certificates of coverage. We also offer our clients an online International Quick Cost Projection tool, which facilitates high level assignment cost projection creation in just two minutes.

2. Financial Elements. We coordinate/pay, collect and track allowances and all other related payments made to the assignee via our proprietary global relocation accounting system, even managing the shadow payroll function where required,  to ensure a smooth and efficient year-end process. Plus, our International Budgeting and Forecasting Tool provides a comparison of the original cost projection to actual expenses and can then be used as the basis for forecasting. This tool is designed to be used in conjunction with your current budgeting tools/process.

3. Compliance Management. Through diligent management of payroll instructions, payroll reconciliations, compensation data collection, shadow payroll operations, and reconciliation to Box 1 amounts on the W-2, or reasonableness globally, we deliver accurate and timely periodic and/or year-end compliance reports, to tax provider/country payroll departments at the pre-established due dates. We consistently achieve a 99% grade on each of these SLA elements. This efficient process has resulted in saving clients money by substantially reducing tax providers costs.

In a recent Cartus survey, respondents ranked controlling relocation costs as the number one challenge to managing their overall international assignment programs.

Keys to cost-effective relocation management

By adopting a Best-Practices Approach to Expatriate Compensation Services, Cartus can generate real benefits for your program, often in risk-sensitive areas you may not even have been aware of.

  • Program consistency. Our global service team, leveraging a depth of expertise and training in our employees and our proprietary technology, makes consistent implementation of your policy achievable.
  • Economies of scale. We take responsibility for the smooth coordination of all of the elements that contribute to international assignment compensation support, thereby ensuring end-to-end quality and timely execution.
  • Technology. Cartus has developed, and continually improves, a proprietary technology platform that supports many aspects of service delivery.
  • Compliance. Our process includes monthly payroll and compensation data collection with quarterly reconciliation. Monthly reporting for shadow payroll gives clients ready access to the data required to remain compliant, and yearly tax reporting calendars ensure that compliance obligations are satisfied.
  • Global processes. All Cartus processes are clearly defined and established through an extensive and collaborative program implementation phase. This creates clear lines of communication and levels of responsibility that make the program operate smoothly from day one.
  • Global controls. We perform reviews on all client compensation deliverables, ensuring the highest level of accuracy possible. We back up the performance of our global controls through use of Service Level Agreements with suppliers, committing them to stated performance standards.


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