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Organizations turn to Cartus’ Consulting Solutions for expert, cost-efficient guidance on making the best decisions on policy, program management, and talent management. As a global consulting practice, we possess in-depth expertise by working with organizations of all sizes and market sectors, HR and mobility functions. We draw upon our depth of knowledge in diverse cultures and industries to help develop effective programs to meet your needs – whatever the scope and intent.

Consulting Solutions’ Core Capabilities

It is important in today’s corporate environment to stay on top of mobility trends and changes. Cartus Consulting Solutions helps you by sharing our expertise via industry research and surveys, published communications, videos and podcasts, roundtables, and speaking engagements. Through our broad array of capabilities, we can provide support and guidance in every aspect of your mobility and talent initiatives. 

Employee Mobility Program Design

Companies remain focused on right sizing their relocation programs. To help, Cartus Consulting Solutions employs our knowledge, experience, and insights to develop customized approaches to meet your objectives, complement your corporate culture and provide a competitive advantage in terms of cost, flexibility and talent deployment. Options include:

Customized Talent and HR Websites

Whether your company is integrating its talent and mobility solutions, redesigning its intranet platform, establishing more efficient employee programs, managing a group move or expanding into new, unexplored areas, a customized website may be the answer to providing the specific information needed. Options include:

  • Employee Talent Resource Sites
  • Destination Information Sites
  • Group Move Sites 
  • Specialized HR/Mobility Sites

Group Move Services

Group moves require special preparation to limit exposure to a variety of risks. Without that preparation, key employees may reject the move, compressed timetables and lack of planning will strain your budget, and business continuity may be jeopardized. Cartus controls this challenging and highly volatile process with strategic planning, thorough cost estimates, special group move policies, resource centers (either virtual or at the departure and destination locations), and customized support services that encourage employees to accept the move, in tune with your talent goals. Our Group Move Services include:

  • Employee Retention and Attrition Estimates
  • Budget Development
  • Situation Analysis
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Employee Mobility and Benefit Strategies
  • Communication Programs
  • Location Information and Area Tours
  • Employee Orientations/Educational Workshops
  • International Assignment Self-Assessment Workbooks
  • Language and Cultural Workshops
  • Short Distance Group Move Program Design
  • Graduate Talent Global Program Strategies

Specialized Location Research Studies

As companies explore and expand into new destinations, conducting proper due diligence is critical to determining the most suitable locations for your next business or operations site. Cartus’ Consulting Solutions conducts specialized research studies to evaluate all aspects of a location or compare multiple locations, enabling you to determine the pros, cons, and risks your company may face as you consider establishing a presence and relocating your workforce. Our Destination Location Research studies  can include one, or multiple, location feasibility studies.

Solutions—custom designed to meet your business objectives

consulting_graphCartus Consulting Solutions collaborates with your organization to understand business needs, strategic goals and objectives. This enables us to offer expert thought leadership to design, develop and execute tailored mobility solutions, which result in the comprehensive integration of talent and mobility. Our expertise in U.S. domestic areas such as Lump Sum programs and Home Sale tips and in global approaches including Tiering and Split Family ensure your organization receives measurable value, and the ever-important financial return on investment.

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