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Making the process of moving simpler, smarter, and better for your employees.

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Cartus Connect—powered by MoveEasy, is a full-service, turnkey solution that combines a comprehensive move and home management service to create a high-end experience for your employees at no cost. For life.  

Your eligible employees* keep track of their move with Cartus Connect’s week-by-week interactive moving checklist—which they can even access on their Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Let the virtual assistant take care of it all! If they prefer to talk to an actual human, no problem. Cartus Connect also comes with a dedicated advisor that can help. 

ongoing support  

This service doesn’t just end when your employees have moved. Once they have settled into their new home or rental property, they'll need to maintain it.The platform provides access to an entire network of trusted professionals that will help with whatever your employees need, beit a landscaper, painter, general contractor, cleaner—you name it.  

Cartus Connect also reminds users of things like when to clean gutters or change air filters and provides your employees with the ability to access all their service provider subscriptions in one place, including services they set up themselves. The best part: Cartus Connect will continue monitoring these services and reach out if pricing is about to change to help keep bills from going up. 

When the time is right, let us tell you more about how Cartus Connect can help support your employees with their next move.  

*Cartus Connect—Powered by MoveEasy is only available to US domestic transferees and international transferees relocating to the United States.

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cartus connect for relocating employees

get up close and personal with cartus connect—powered by move easy

a high-end home-and-move benefit for relocating and self-moving employees alike

one platform. a lifetime to benefit.

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ensuring duty of care before, during, and after a move

Cartus Connect—powered by MoveEasy can make moving simpler, smarter, and better for your employees. As a lifetime service, this additional support allows you to fulfill your duty of care commitments. It helps employees prepare before their move, supports them during the move, and provides years of value even after they have settled into their new home.   

Sample services include: 

before the move 

  • Home insurance 

  • Home warranty  

during the move 

  • Home security 

  • Utility providers 

  • Internet & cable services 

after the move 

  • Electrician 

  • Carpenter 

  • Alarm and security 

  • Appliance repairs

a tantalizing tool for talent recruitment and retention
cartus connect for relocating employees
a tantalizing tool for talent recruitment and retention

The Cartus Connect dashboard helps your employees manage all their moving needs in one place while providing your company with an attractive talent recruitment and retention tool. To ensure high levels of engagement and satisfaction during and after each interaction, the product combines: 

  • An online platform 

  • Dedicated human advisor team 

  • Amazon Echo and Google home voice activated advisor 

  • Mobile app  

The service begins once your company has authorized a move, which prompts your Cartus Connect advisor to send an invite to your employee so they can complete all their pre-move tasks via the Cartus Connect dashboard. This may include setting up utilities before they move into their house or rental apartment—even finding the most comprehensive rates!  

Users can also find the best deals for internet and cable by comparing different providers, file their change of address without going to the post office, and search for a comprehensive home insurance quote. 

However and wherever they choose to use it, Cartus Connect—powered by MoveEasy is your employees’ personal move and home management assistant. For life.

don’t be shy 

We’d love to hear more about your organization’s recruitment, retention, and talent mobility goals—and hopefully tell you more about why Cartus is the right partner to help you achieve them.