Distributed Workforce Solutions

Facing an increasingly complex workplace, HR and mobility managers must take on new obstacles and navigate within ever-changing regulations that can be challenging to track.

Through our automated, cloud-based solution, Cartus—in partnership with Topia—manages your organization’s distributed workforces to mitigate tax, immigration, payroll, and other compliance risks.

This solution combines innovative technology with white-glove service for a holistic approach to managing relocation, tax, and compliance risks while offering:

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Intuitive dashboards and heat maps
  • Exceptional user experience with privacy at its core
  • Reliable bank-grade security
  • And more

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Creating Value for Clients Through a Synergistic Partnership

From identification to analytics, Cartus—with the help of Topia Compass—manages the entire process for global mobility and HR managers, remote workers and extended business travelers, and everyone in between, continuing its support long after implementation is complete while sparing clients from non-core work and a time-consuming learning curve.

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With our new joint offering, Cartus supports clients with:

  • Global and domestic multi-jurisdiction withholding
  • Permanent establishment tracking
  • Immigration initiation
  • Work location validation (local tax optimization)
  • And more

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“After assessing different compliance automation solutions in the marketplace, we recognized that Topia Compass was far and away the best match for our clients. Together, we believe we can help clients seamlessly yet confidently mitigate the risks of business travel and a distributed workforce while maximizing the many benefits for sustained business growth, talent retention, and strategic agility.”

- David Pascoe, Cartus Executive SVP, EMEA & APAC