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Your centralized mobility hub and single source of truth— exclusively available to Cartus clients.


MovePro360® offers clients a comprehensive view of their entire relocation program while integrating data from key suppliers—a true single source of truth. By providing multichannel access to live move status, the platform empowers HR and mobility managers to intervene in real-time to improve individual employee outcomes. 

Along with Benefits Builder—our industry-exclusive core/flex solution integrated within MovePro360—it forms the pillars of our dynamic suite of digital tools to help you and your employees navigate the entire relocation journey with ease and confidence. 


  • Solution-focused design thinking 

  • Cloud- and API-based framework 

  • Comprehensive program snapshot 

  • Predictive business logic 

  • Real-time, multichannel access 

  • User-driven innovation and iteration

agile technology development

transforming your relocation technology from fragile to agile

optimize relocation outcomes + anticipate transferee needs

Integrating predictive business logic with a comprehensive snapshot of global program data and individual move stages, MovePro360 helps mobility and HR professionals anticipate and address their thorniest relocation challenges before they materialize.

powering the next generation of relocation

movepro360 dashboard

the unimpeachable importance of accessible, reliable information

In the early days of MovePro360’s development, we spoke to many clients and prospects on the frontline of relocation management who overwhelmingly desired the ability to access a comprehensive, real-time snapshot of their entire relocation program. In fact, 86% of respondents in a formal survey agreed that having a "single source of truth" was important to their organization.  

This led us to adopt a flexible cloud- and API-based framework for MovePro360 to support easy integration of external data sources, ultimately eliminating the need to toggle between multiple programs to track and assist transferees. It also facilitates easy access to reliable data—a must-have for any mobility professional tasked with optimizing their relocation program and selling its value to potential candidates and executive decision-makers alike.   

“Cartus technology is at the forefront for us. It is really something that we have focused on for a couple of reasons. First, we want to make sure that we are capturing the data correctly and in real-time to help us. Second, we must tell a story with our data. It’s important for me to have the right data points so that I can put that data together in a story that resonates with my leaders.”​ 


and now your FEATURE presentation
Relocation outcomes optimization
and now your FEATURE presentation

Developed alongside clients themselves, some of the top features we have launched within MovePro360 since its release include:

  • ​Benefits Builder: core/flex solution supporting employee-choice mobility programs with a points-based system​

  • Customizable client program dashboards providing a complete view of employee move status with cost detail​

  • Dynamic employee move risk indicator with predictive algorithm​

  • Real-time sentiment tracking and notifications​

  • Secure access through single sign-on capabilities

  • Modern authorization tool utilizing APIs and type-ahead prompts​

  • Enhanced connectivity via supplier API integration​

  • Multi-language integrations​

2023 and beyond … 

Based on user feedback, we will continue to make enhancements and launch new functionality to address key priorities and evolving client needs. Our MovePro360 product roadmap for 2023 and beyond includes:​

  • Authorization enhancements—including client HCM system API connectivity​

  • Supplier API integrations for temporary living and destination services​

  • New document management system—sharing, routing, and storing documents​

  • Assignment expatriate compensation services—including quick turn-around, real-time cost projections for scenario planning, budgeting, approvals, and forecasting​

  • Multi-language integrations

  • Additional user-driven innovation and enhancements

don’t be shy

We’d love to hear more about your organization’s recruitment, retention, and talent mobility goals—and hopefully tell you more about how Cartus’ innovative technology solutions can help you achieve them.