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Case Studies

No Move Too Big - Tackling a Historic Group Move


How do you help a company move 2,000 employees from one end of the country to the other—all while ensuring great personal service and dramatically reducing costs?

That was the challenge facing Cartus when a long-time client needed help with the largest group move in their history, from the east coast to a new office in Texas.

The solution started with people.

The Cartus team developed more than 200 workshops for the impacted employees and their families, making sure they had all the information needed for a smooth relocation. These workshops included information on local schooling, housing, mortgage assistance, and much more.

We also crafted a weekend on-site discovery session, which featured local destination services providers and information on local sports teams, shopping, and children's activities.

And this was just the beginning. Collaboration—one of Cartus' Guiding Principles—also played a crucial role. Cartus developed special teams of employees, fully knowledgeable in every aspect of the group move, who were ready and able to support customer and client needs throughout every phase of the move. The ability to flex with any change in schedule or volume at a particular point, as well as detailed downstream management and collaboration with our own suppliers, ensured a streamlined process coupled with total understanding of the client's unique needs.

The results? The group move was a resounding success, with transferees rating us at 98.1% Favorable—the average score being 4.5 on the client's five-point scale! The cherry on top was a savings of more than $10 million dollars, as Cartus was able to achieve even greater efficiencies than originally forecasted.