Topia-hosted Distributed Workforce Solutions Webinar 

Designing flexible and compliant remote work policies that employees and HR/Finance will love

Join Cindy Madden, Director of Consulting Solutions at Cartus, and Nishant Mittal, SVP of Business Travel Solutions at Topia, as they share insights that will help you in crafting your own organization’s remote and flexible work policies. Attendees will learn:

  • Potential risks and implications of your distributed workforce
  • What data you need to develop, implement, and monitor new policies
  • How to build flexible policies that work for employees and HR/finance/payroll
  • How to communicate and roll out policies to employees

Event Details

Featured Presenters

  • Nishant Mittal | SVP, Business Travel Solutions | Topia
  • Cindy Madden | Director of Consulting Solutions | Cartus

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We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions for our speakers, please be sure to submit them in the “Live event Q&A” area after the event begins.