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flexible mobility

Cutting-edge tech and world-class mobility experts provide a winning formula for flexible mobility solutions.

flexible mobility solutions

Cartus has been supporting organizations with their flexible mobility strategies since this policy-type was first introduced more than a decade ago. Our leading-edge technology and unparalleled experience designing and delivering flexible mobility policies transform the employee experience while aligning your relocation program with your organization’s unique set of business priorities and challenges. 

Our pioneering core/flex product, Benefits Builder, allows companies to create their own flexible mobility program around a core benefit structure while engaging employees to choose the options that work best for them and their families. Powered by MovePro360®—Cartus’ industry-exclusive centralized mobility hub—Benefits Builder delivers the two most-requested capabilities in relocation today: cost management and personalization. 

Demonstrating our commitment to providing organizations with the support and insights they need to achieve a successful flexible policy transformation, we have a team of experts dedicated to the policy-type. “Team Flex” meets regularly to collaborate on current trends and challenges, including innovative ways to support Cartus clients and their relocating families.

approach to global mobility

Why companies need a more flexible approach to global mobility.

Tracey Rennie, “Team Flex” founding member and VP, Global Talent Mobility, Cartus

supporting your relocation transformation, one policy at a time


“team flex” to the rescue!

they’re flex to the core

Cartus’ “Team Flex” is made up of some of our most experienced and knowledgeable employees from across the business, including Consulting Solutions, Implementation, Supply Chain Management, and of course, our client-facing Global Talent Mobility team. We recognize that re-designing a mobility policy can be a daunting task, but we are here to empower companies to meet their business needs while providing tailored care for their employees, which is exactly what a flexible mobility approach offers. 

To learn more, download our white paper, “Choosing the Direction of Change.” Inside, you’ll find a link to a survey with five simple questions. Answer them to receive in-depth recommendations on how to change your current relocation policy. By using the data you provide in the survey, Cartus will send you bespoke guidance that suits your relocation needs, empowering you to move toward a more flexible approach to your talent mobility strategy. 

building budgets—a benefit balancing act
building budgets—a benefit balancing act

Once you understand your business priorities for taking a more flexible approach to mobility and you know the preferred policy-type you want to create (e.g., lump sum or a fully serviced flexible model), you’ll need to establish an initial budget that you can measure other actions and choices against. 

This figure could be based on an initial spend today, an aspirational target, or simply a placeholder to level set as you examine the more intricate details of your policy design. 

In our white paper, “Building Budgets”, we examine the methods and considerations required when designing a new flexible policy—one that meets your business and budget objectives and ensures relocation success for your relocating employees 

don’t be shy

We’d love to hear more about your organization’s recruitment, retention, and talent mobility goals—and hopefully tell you more about why Cartus is the right partner to help you achieve them.